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We are license solution and business consulting company!

Tahoe ICO is an business license registrar located in California, USA. We uphold the concept of customer needs first, pragmatic and professional services to our customers. So far, it has provided hundreds license registration services for multiple customers. Resources including legal affairs, accounting, development, and technology outsourcing are interconnected.

Our professional business consulting service can optimize the company's business process for you to the greatest extent. Make your company more legally safe and stable.

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Tahoe ICO

Tel: +1 (626) 678-3388
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Business hour: Pacific time 9 AM - 6 PM

  • Chris Bason

    Chris Bason

    “We needed a MSB lisence for our exchange platform and we got in touch with Tahoe ICO. We were really surprised of the results and will continue our partnership for a long time. ”

    Chris Bason
    CEO of TeCoin

  • Liz Yee

    Liz Yee

    “我们在公司架构、风险规避等方面和Tahoe ICO全面合作,Tahoe ICO全面的服务让我们非常完美的合规。合作高效且愉快。”

    Risk & Compliance at Bituni

  • Fan Han

    Fan Han

    “OTC市场的合规交易非常重要,很多用户倾向于使用匿名交易。Tahoe ICO 帮助我们拿到MSB牌照,多谢他们的努力。”

    Fan Han
    Founder of Bitcoin Local Trade