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Business License Assessment

Business License Assessment

Peace of mind that your business is in full compliance
Ever wonder if your business is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local licensing requirements? Are you sure all your licenses are in good standing?
Our License Assessment service involves a 3 step process: research, verification, and identification of compliance gaps. Don’t waste another day. Get your business licenses in order today!
Business License Compliance

Business License Compliance

Business license compliance can be a huge burden on the day-to-day activities in your business. The licensing experts ensure that your company remains compliant while you focus on your business through our online web portal and our renewals team.
Business License Verification

Business License Verification

The repercussions of operating your business without the proper license can be severe, causing a company to lose money and goodwill. When businesses are licensed in multiple jurisdictions or maintain licenses for numerous entities they can expect to have renewal dates littered all across the calendar. Don't assume that the licensing jurisdiction will send your company a renewal notice!
Beyond Business Licensing

Beyond Business Licensing

We knows your business has needs beyond business licensing. We’ve identified and vetted providers of essential business services that every company needs to stay compliant and maximize success! Select a category above and take a look at what our partners can do for you!

Business License Solutions

General Licenses and Registrations
  •  Basic Business License
  •  Payroll Taxes
  •  State Unemployment Tax
  •  Sales and Use Tax Registration
  •  Withholding Tax Account
  •  Transient Merchant
  •   Commercial Painter
  •   Electrical Contractor
  •   General Contractor
  •   Home Improvement Contractor
  •   Landscaping Contractor
  •   Residential Painter
  •   Solar Contractor
  •   Specialty (plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc.)
Financial Services and Insurance
  •   Collection Agency
  •   Debt Management
  •   Insurance Agencies
  •   Insurance Brokers
  •   Investment Advisors
  •   Money Services
  •   Title Agent / Agencies
  •   Warranty Service Provider
Healthcare and Pharmacy
  •   Durable Medical Equipment
  •   Home Healthcare Agency
  •   Internet and Mail Order Pharmacy
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Compounding Pharmacy
  •   Wholesale Drug Distributor
Liquor and Tobacco
  •   Tobacco Wholesalers
  •   Liquor Retail
  •   Tobacco Retail
  •   Federal Tobacco Manufacturer
  •   Food Production
  •   Food Truck / Mobile Food Vendor
  •   Restaurant
  •   Franchise
Retail / Consumer
  •   Pawn Shop
  •   Pet Shop
  •   Secondhand Dealers
Real Estate
  •   Mortgage / Loan Provider
  •   Manufactured Homes
  •   Title Agency
  •   Appraisal Management Company (AMC)
Employment Services
  •   Employment Services
  •   Staffing Agency
  •   Talent Agency
  •   Automotive
  •   Trucking
  •   Watercraft
  •   Telecommunication
Private Investigation / Security
  •   Private Detective / Investigation
  •   Security Services
  •   Alternative Energy (Bio-Diesel, Solar, etc.)
  •   Energy Broker
  •   Oil and Gas
Non-Profit 501c3 / Non-Profit Organizations
  •   Non-Profit Organizations / Charities
  •   Non-Profit 501c3 Tax Exemption Status
  •   Agriculture Industry
  •   Pesticide and Fertilizer
Fitness, Salon, and Personal Services
  •   Salon Licensing / Cosmetology
  •   Fitness / Gyms
  •   Spa / Massage / Tanning
  •   Tattoo Services
  •   Cosmetics
Architecture and Engineering
  •   Engineering Firm
  •   Engineer
  •   Architectural
Other Businesses
  •   Child Care
  •   Franchise
  •   Social Services
  •   Gambling / Gaming Industry
  •   Animals and Animal Food
  •   Telemarketing